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Nature at Colehurst Lake


We are very lucky to have a wide variety of flora and fauna at Colehurst Lake.  Holly loves nature and comes from a countryside background, with a particular love of birds - so takes great delight from when we see a new species or the kingfisher whizzes by in a flash of blue and orange.

Our site borders a wood on one side which is home to foxes and badgers and many rabbits and squirrels etc.  We also regularly hear and see the Tawny Owl which roosts in the wood.


Due to the wooded areas around the site we often see treecreepers, nuthatches, greater and lesser spotted woodpeckers and an array of finches and more common woodland birds. 


Of course, having the lake means we get lots of water birds too!  We have several families of moorhens and coots inhabiting the lake, plus get many other visitors such as grey lag & Canada geese.  We often see the heron and kingfisher and were very excited to see a pair of oystercatchers for the first time in Spring 2020.

Here is a selection of pictures taken by us and our guests of some of the wonderful wildlife we have been fortunate enough to catch on camera.

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