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Frequently Asked Questions



What fish do you have stocked in the lake?

We have Common, Mirror, Ghost and Koi Carp, Pike, Perch and Roach.


What size do they go up to?

The biggest one we know is a Mirror Carp which is around 22lb. We also have 18lbs, 16lbs and lots of low double figure fish.


What baits can I use?

It is easier to say what you cannot and that is, no live bait and no floating bread. 


Can I use my keep net?

afraid not, no. 


Can I have a campfire?

Yes, you can, you can hire a fire pit for £7.50 which will come with a sack of logs. More can be purchased if needed. Only firewood purchased from us can be used, please do not bring your own or go round picking up fallen branches or already cut logs. Failure to adhere to this could result in cancellation of your ticket with no refund.


Can I bring my own BBQ?

Yes, you can, we just ask you to keep it off the ground. 


My friend is just dropping off some tackle I have forgotten or just dropping off some food, is this allowed?

Of course. Before 7pm they can leave it with us in the carpark and we went get in touch with you to come collect. After 7pm when the gate is closed, they can leave it outside of the gate and you can go collect it.


My friend/family member wants to come say hello and sit with me for half n hour, is that ok?

If they have purchased a spectator’s ticket beforehand then of course, if they have not, no. Please be aware anyone visiting without prior arrangement will be turned away.


I have booked a 24hour ticket, can I use the shower?

Yes definitely. You can also use the wash station which also has running water you can drink.



I have booked a pre-erected tent, what do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is clothes, sleeping bags/duvet, torches, food, and drink. You may also want to bring wellies because in the mornings we do get dew on the grass so can be wet on the foot first thing. Do not forget your fishing equipment if you want to fish but please remember you do need a rod license.


My friend/family member wants to come say hello and sit with me for a few hours, is that ok?

That is fine if we have been given prior notice, if not they will be turned away.


Can I just drive around the lake to drop my kit off?

I am sorry but all vehicles are to be parked on the carpark and kit taken around using our wheelbarrows. Please return these after use. 

If you are camping in the paddock area, using the woodland retreat, cars can enter the Paddock entrance, park in the dedicated carparking spots and drop off kit. Please come to the main carpark and book in beforehand.

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