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Name the fish competition

What a fish and what a great response to our Facebook competition. Plenty of discussion was had between Holly and myself as to what name would be most suitable for this unique fish. Do we go serious, do we go silly or do we go funny?

When Colin was suggested it got my vote instantly, my friends close to me know why; it's all to do with a long standing joke about how Colin knows everyone.

We had a number of people suggesting we should name him after Sir Captain Tom. We had Sir Tom, Capt Tom and of course, Sir Captain Tom.

We had silly names like Fishy McFish Face, Here Fishy Fishy, Sznober and Trouty Pouty. Then we had names to do with Covid, my favourite being Covish. Other suggestions made us smile like Pond...James Pond, Carol Baskin, HeNRy and Michael Fish.

Before we get onto the competition winning name, we want to add that we thought any names that were suggested giving reference to Captain Sir Tom, did not really fit this particular fish. However we did agree that naming a fish after this fantastic gentleman was something we really wanted to do. All we needed to do was pick which suggestion we liked best and name a fish after it, therefore we decided the best fish would be the biggest one we has taken stock of. Then it would only be fair to offer this suggestion a prize too! We have decided to offer a prize of 1 night camping or 24 hour fishing ticket. However, the name we picked was suggested several times by different people, so we thought we should give the prize to the person who first suggested it.

Let's introduce the fish! This beauty weighed in at 11lb 4oz when he joined us in January and we look forward to watching it grow and living a full and long life just like its namesake.

The winning name for this fish is, Sir Tom and the winner, who first suggested it, is Emma Jones a primary tutor. If Emma would like to email us we will give her further details on her prize!

Finally, it was tough choice but the winning name of this competition is....

Pond....James Pond. It was a name that made both Holly and I smile, more so myself, and I can't wait to hear someone say I caught Pond....James Pond. Well done Vicky Jones, if you would like to email us we will discuss your prize and get you booked in.

The first person to catch Pond...James Pond, or Sir Tom and who gives us their updated weight (obviously photo evidence is required) will win one night free stay in either our pre-erected family tent or woodland retreat. Subject to availability.

Once again, thank you for everyone who entered the competition and we look forward to seeing you trying to be the first to catch him!

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