Colehurst Lake

Colehurst, Nr Market Drayton,

Shropshire, TF9 2JD

Tel : 07907 550 666

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1.  All Anglers must hold a valid Rod Licence (for more information look at the GOV.UK website here:

2. All fish must be returned to the water and handled with care.

3. No rods to be left unattended in the water at any time.

4. No keep nets to be used (except for Match Days).

5. Barbless hooks only.

6. Unhooking mats to be used for larger fish – 5lbs and over.

7. Peanuts, tiger nuts, shelf life boilies or any other non-biodegradable baits are not permitted.

8. Live fish bait is not permitted.

9. Waste bait is not to be disposed of in the water, please take home or dispose of in the bins provided.

10. Equipment must be clean and dry before being used in our pools, to help avoid the spread of diseases.

11. Both pools have a 2 Rod Maximum.

12. Please be considerate when using bite alarms and keep the volume to a minimum.

13. Wildlife must not be disturbed, if any wildlife becomes injured, hooked or entangled please report to the Fishery Manager immediately.

14. Children aged 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

15. Please use the toilets provided.

16. Please do not litter, use the bins provided, recycling where possible.

17. Please respect your neighbours; no bad language or shouting around the pools.

18. Spectators and children are welcome, but please ensure children are supervised at all times for their own safety.

19. Well behaved dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leads at all times and all ‘poop’ must be scooped!

20. Pre-authorised BBQs and Camp Fires are permitted within the designated areas, please do not leave unattended.

21. Colehurst Lake accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to fishing tackle, cars, persons or any other property, however caused.

22. Colehurst Lake reserve the right to search any vehicle during fishing and on departure.