A truly unique spot


Colehurst Lake has two spring-fed pools, Colehurst Lake itself and Maylea Pool, which were originally formed in 1990 and have been restored over the last three years to allow the re-establishment of a commercial fishery.

Stocked with Carp, Roach and Pike & Perch either water is a great place to come sit, unwind and do a spot of fishing

Morning dawn
Water Lillies
Image by Clark Young
camp fire

Colehurst Lake is our biggest fishing pool with 16 pegs. Surrounded by woodland and fields it truly is a magical place to unwind and fish.

Camp fires are allowed on several pegs on this lake.


Maylea Pool is a small pool with a big heart.
Maylea Pool is actually deeper than the lake at around 9ft deep.  This pool has 10 pegs and she is teeming with some good-sized Carp, Roach and Perch.

Maylea pool.webp

Opening Times

Day Tickets - 8am - 6pm

Gates open at 8am, there is no access to site any earlier.

 ​Night Tickets - 4pm-8am
Overnight Stays
24 / 48 /72 hours

* You must pre-book your ticket online, sorry no walk-ins. 

Colehurst  Lake Fishing Guidelines

  • All anglers are to follow the social distancing guidelines at all times.

  • When using the compost toilet all anglers are to use the hand sanitizer before entering the toilet and leaving.

  • Exact change is requested where possible.

  • Anglers can fish with a member of their household or with one other person adhering to social distancing rules at all times.

  • Anglers may only have ONE spectator during the day (no spectators for night fishing, unless a £10 camping supplement is paid)

  • No other visitors allowed.

  • Anglers must ensure they are in possession of a valid fishing licence.

  • A fishing rod set up on the bank is classed as a rod being fished and will be charged for.

  • Vehicles are to be left in the carpark and are not to be driven lakeside.

  • Please respect all private areas.

  • One paid adult spectator is allowed with a full paying angler. This is daytime only.

  • Paid spectators are allowed during night fishing.

  • Spectator must not fish at anytime. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in being charged a full ticket.

  • Campfires are permitted at designated pegs and only logs purchased from us can be used.

  • Pre-authorised BBQs are permitted within the designated areas and off the ground, please do not leave unattended.

  • Please do not litter, use the bins provided, recycling where possible.

  • All fish must be returned to the water and handled with care.

  • No rods to be left unattended in the water at any time.

  • No keep nets to be used (except for Match Days).

  • Barbless hooks only.

  • Unhooking mats to be used for larger fish – 5lbs and over.

  • Live fish bait is not permitted.

  • No floating bread.

  • Both pools have a 2 Rod Maximum.

  • Wildlife must not be disturbed, if any wildlife becomes injured, hooked or entangled please report to the Fishery Manager immediately.

  •  Juniors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

  • Colehurst Lake accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to fishing tackle, cars, persons or any other property, however caused.

  • Colehurst Lake reserve the right to search any vehicle during fishing and on departure. Refuse entry to any persons and to also cancel any anglers ticket, without refund, if any of the above rules are broken.