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Silent Disco

A silent disco is an event where you put on a special pair of noise-canceling headphones and gather with others who have done the same. Then, as individuals, you can tune into one or multiple channels of sound, while simultaneously and indirectly combining energies with those around you.

This results in a lot of singing and dancing like no one’s watching, and letting your freak flag fly. To further illustrate, picture a DJs spinning, but without the speaker setup. The floor is filled with people, all with headphones.



Do you think a Silent disco is a good idea? Would you come?

We love to organise events and Colehurst Lake is the perfect place to indulge in our love. We have a number of events we would like to orgnise so have a look at the list below and see if you're interested in attending any of them. We would appreciate your feedback on the events planned, so if you would like to register your interest you can do by filling out the feedback form on the event. We always welcome ideas of future events, so if you have a event inmind that you would like or think Colehurst Lake should organise then please email us your ideas at 

Music by the Fire

Kick back around the campfire and enjoy some live tunes at Colehurst Lake. It's one of life's simplest of joys; the sound of live music in the glow of a campfire. It would be a night of music by local talent, food, drink and the company of others. After the music falls silent and the fire turns to embers then retire to your tent for a night under the stars and then wake up to a different kind of music; the sound of the morning chorus.  

Do you think the Music by the Fire is a good idea, would you come?

Films by the Lake

Colehurst Lake brings the big screen to you in beautiful and unique outdoor settings, providing an amazing day or evening out.

Whether its's watching a classic romance, a horror by the woods or Jaws by the lake,  make this the event you book your family or friends for an experience to remember.  With lake views, woodland smells and stunning skies, outdoor movies have never looked so great.

You can pack a picnic, or take advantage of our carefully selected food and drink stalls and let us take care of the rest.  All you need to do is get comfy with our deckchair hire and enjoy the day or evening.

A film in the open air, what do you think?

Campfire Stories

Campfire tales are as old as the first circle of humans who crouched around an ancient fire. We have always been fascinated by campfires, everyone will be around the campfire, putting little twigs in it, arranging the logs, staring into it. The campfire is mesmerising.

Simply pitch your tent, walk down to the campfire, take your seat and enjoy a evening of good old fashioned story telling. 

We all love a good story do you love it enough to take a seat at the fire?

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Work out al fresco-style at Colehurst Lake outdoor exercise classes. Sign up for one of these outdoor exercise classes to get a breath of fresh air while you work out.

Whether your a gym goer, a mud runner or a cross fit super star, check out our great outdoor activities at the lake to help get your body moving and your heart pumping. Ready to get sweaty in the sunshine?  Turning away from the treadmill has never sounded better.

An outdoor fitness class, is that a good idea?

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