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Booking Your Ticket

* Please do not come to the fishery without a confirmed booking.

* No tickets available on the day.

* Payments non-refundable.

* Night fishing starts from 4pm until 8am, when booking please pick the time you think you'll arrive.

* When booking a 24hr, 48hr or 72hr session, pick a time when you would like your session to start. You can arrive 30   minutes before your session and you must vacate the peg when your session expires. For example, if you book a 24hr   session and arrival time of 11am then you must vacate the peg 11am the following day.

* Your session will start and end as to your booking, if you arrive late this will not change your end time.

* Campfires are available for a charge of £7.50. A complimentary bag of logs is supplied. Further bags can be purchased at

£5 per bag. These can be ordered and paid on the day. Bags need to be ordered by 6pm.

* Spectators are allowed at an additional cost.